Buttered Eggs: creamy scrambled eggs

Buttered Eggs: creamy scrambled eggs

Mrs Beeton: Buttered Eggs No. 1657

Mrs Beeton ‘s Buttered Eggs is a really rich and creamy recipe for scrambled eggs!  The texture is soft and fluffy.  The impression is of bigness.  I enhanced this still further with a light sprinkling of oregano, and a touch of parsley. 

While some of Mrs Beeton ‘s recipes work better than others (ahem Butterscotch!), this is excellent!  And, for a vegetarian recipe, it’s very filling.  A great way to start the day.  Go to work with a full stomach of knockout flavour!

Compared to the typical scrambled eggs recipe, it’s certainly heavy on the cholesterol, which I’m getting the impression is pretty much standard in Mrs Beeton recipes.  But as an occasional treat to impress the daylights out of people, this can’t be faulted, although it is surprising that subsequent revisions of Mrs Beeton’s recipes published a completely different recipe for it (not one I’ve tried, but I suppose I’ll have to one day)

One word of advice, though: When Mrs Beeton writes to “line the pan” – you absolutely want to heed her advice!  Buttered Eggs sets like concrete, and a simple lining of tin foil will save you hours of scrubbing later!

Buttered Eggs Recipe:

INGREDIENTS – 4 new-laid eggs, 2 oz. of butter.

Mode.—Procure the eggs new-laid if possible; break them into a basin, and beat them well; put the butter into another basin, which place in boiling water, and stir till the butter is melted. Pour that and the eggs into a lined saucepan; hold it over a gentle fire, and, as the mixture begins to warm, pour it two or three times into the basin, and back again, that the two ingredients may be well incorporated. Keep stirring the eggs and butter one way until they are hot, without boiling, and serve on hot buttered toast. If the mixture is allowed to boil, it will curdle, and so be entirely spoiled.

Time.—About 5 minutes to make the eggs hot. Average cost, 7d.

Sufficient.—Allow a slice to each person. Seasonable at any time.

Buttered Eggs on toast, according to the Mrs Beeton recipe with a sprikling of oregano and a sprig of parsley.

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