Bread soup – did people really eat this?

Bread soup – did people really eat this?

Mrs Beeton Bread Soup No.117

This bread soup is absolutely bloody awful! Some of Mrs Beeton ‘s recipes work better than others, and some, like Buttered Eggs, are terrific, while others, like using an egg instead of milk in tea, and little short of ingenious! 

But I don’t remember the last time I ate something this vile! Mrs Beeton wasn’t kidding when she recommended it for times of “extreme economy.”  No kidding!  And I’m clearly not the only one!  You wouldn’t consider touching it for any other reason!

For myself, I think I’d sooner go hungry! Or just eat the bread. 

Bread Soup Recipe

117. INGREDIENTS – 1 lb. of bread crusts, 2 oz. butter, 1 quart of common stock.

Mode.—Boil the bread crusts in the stock with the butter; beat the whole with a spoon, and keep it boiling till the bread and stock are well mixed. Season with a little salt.

Time.—Half an hour. Average cost per quart, 4d.

Seasonable at any time.

Sufficient for 4 persons.

Note.—This is a cheap recipe, and will be found useful where extreme economy is an object.

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